Radiant Memory

by Process of Illumination

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Process of Illumination’s first album is a convergence of progressive rock and metal bound by tight instrumentals. “Radiant Memory” encompasses both the dark, through their use of heavy guitars and fast drums, as well as the light, through their melody-driven choruses and bright synthesizers.

The album opens with “Forest Temple,” the first song the band ever wrote. Beginning with an iconic guitar introduction and ambient drums, the song crescendos into a stellar synthesizer solo, and remains strong through to the climax, featuring heavy classical piano.

“Fifteen,” Process of Illumination’s single, is a staple of the band’s flavor of progressive rock, highlighting their propensity for bright keyboard hooks, complex bass lines, and fast-paced drumming and strumming, all whilst still taking time for more mellow passages.

The third track, “Omen,” starts with an orchestral introduction before blasting off into fast guitars and drums. Through colorful keyboard work and a stirring reprisal, the song is among the heavy hitters on the album.

“Aura” departs from the usual feel and structure, using primarily synthesizers and electronic drums to encase the melody-centric guitar and bass. Using ethereal ambiance, the guitar takes the lead with a floaty and atmospheric solo before the band returns in full.

Opening with a weighty synth and a driving build, “The Complex” slams into the forefront with its memorable main riff. While the guitars dominate the first half of the song, the second half becomes faster-paced with dueling solos, bringing home the darkest song on the album.

“Resolved” begins in contrast to the other songs, with a solo piano playing a soft and emotional hymn. Joined by the band in a militaristic march, the song captures sensitivity through its use of dynamics and focus.

The haunting strings of “Gallows’ Call” resonate to any Process of Illumination fan as one of our crowd favorites. Reminiscent of an evil carnival, the keyboard trades jovial riffs with the more upbeat drum beats, while the guitars fill in the dark register.

“Off The Edge of a Nightmare” features some of the most emotionally driven melodies and complex piano parts on the album. This power ballad is a showcase of the album’s dedication to the light, yet with equally powerful guitar and drum work.

The album closes with “Hopeful Bridges,” another one of the band’s first songs. Featuring stirring piano melodies, the band closes the album on a strong and emotional tie to the light.


released August 11, 2017

We would like to thank J.R. Paredes of Satellite Music Group for recording, mixing, and mastering the album.

KC Cheek - Guitar
Robert Schlembach - Drums/Percussion
Erik Schow - Bass Guitar
Aaron Smith - Keyboards



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Process of Illumination The Woodlands, Texas

Progressive rock instrumental group featuring heavy synths and guitars.

KC Cheek - Guitar
Robert Schlembach - Drums/Percussion
Erik Schow - Bass
Aaron Smith - Keyboard

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